Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Classical Adlerian Photograph Gallery
Alfred Adler, His Family, and Friends

Adler as a Student

Alfred Adler as a Student (1885, age 15)

Adler as a Young Man

Alfred Adler as a Young Man (Before 1900)

Adler as a Soldier

Alfred Adler as a Soldier (1891, Age 21)

Adler in his 60's

Alfred Adler in his 60's

Sigmund Adler

Alfred Adler's Older Brother Sigmund

Richard Adler

Alfred Adler's Younger Brother Richard

Raissa Adler

Raissa Timofevna Adler, Alfred Adler's Wife
(About 1900) - They married in 1897.

Raissa and the Children

Raissa Adler and the Children: Valentine, Alexandra, Nelly, & Kurt (About 1914)

Adler's Daughter Nelly

Nelly (Cornelia) Adler, Adler's Daughter,
in the Garden of their Country Home

Adlers' Country Home

The Adlers' Country Home in Salmannsdorf, Austria (1926-1931)

Adler with Kurt & Alexandra

Alfred Adler With Son, Kurt and Daughter, Alexandra
(1936, in California)

Adler Lecturing in Berlin

Alfred Adler Lecturing in Berlin

Adler Lecturing

Alfred Adler Lecturing at Berlin Congress

Adler Lecturing in Scandanvia

Alfred Adler Lecturing in Scandinavia

Cafe Siller

Cafe at Hotel Siller in Vienna
Where Alfred Adler Held Informal Discussions
With His Colleagues

Adler with Family & Friends

Alfred Adler With Family and Friends at Salmannsdorf (1933)

Adler with Family & Friends

Alfred Adler With Kurt, Nelly, Sophie Lazarsfeld, and Friends

Adler w/Raissa & Alexandra

Alfred Adler With Raissa, Alexandra, and Colleagues

Adler & Valentine in Car

Alfred Adler With Daughter Valentine, in a Car, at the Villa in Salmannsdorf

Adler With a Child

Alfred Adler Bandaging a Child's Hand

Kurt Adler

Kurt Adler, Adler's Son - Psychiatrist (1905-1997)

Alexandra Adler

Alexandra Adler, Adler's Daughter - Psychiatrist

Adler's Immigration Card

Alfred Adler's U.S. Immigration Card - Sept. 24, 1933

Wiliams Institute in Berkeley

Flyer for August, 1937 Seminar
Scheduled for the Williams Institute in Berkeley, California
Proposed Western Headquarters for Adler in the U.S.

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

Adler Photo

(Place and Date Unknown)

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