Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy

Course DT101: Basic Theory

This course provides a five week introduction to our training. You will read several of Adler's basic writings about theory, philosophy, and practice, watch videos of Sophia de Vries and Henry Stein, and see a rare newsreel of Alfred Adler. Each week, you will also enagage in a Skype or telephone discussion with a training analyst about th material you have studied. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the material or it's application.

Objective: To gain a basic understanding of Adler's view of human nature, philosophy of living, theory of personality, and style of treatment in a general overview.
Reading: Selected reading of material by Alfred Adler, and other Classical Adlerians.
Video: * Training of an Adlerian Psychotherapist,
   Sophia de Vries interviewed by Henry Stein.
* Remembrances of Alfred Adler and Early Pioneers in Psychology,
   Sophia de Vries interviewed by Henry Stein.
* Birth Order: Sense and Nonsense, Henry Stein interviewd by BBC.
* Newsreel of Adler in 1929.
E-mail: Comments and questions.
Discussion: Five hours of telephone conferencing.
Time: Five weeks.
Cost: $850.00

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Distance Training Course: DT101 - Basic Theory
Tuition: $850.00

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