Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy

Couse DT104:
Mastering Core Constructs

Accelerated learning techniques are combined with graphics to stimulate vivid personal images of the main Adlerian constructs.

Objective: To expand understanding of each core construct with rich cognitive and affective asssociations. To create outline, tables, mindmaps and concept maps that organize expanded construct information into personal memory structures.
Reading: Selected material from published, unpublished, previously untranslated, and newly translated articles and lectures by Alfred Adler, Kurt Adler, Alexander Müller, Lydia Sicher, Erwin Wexberg, Sophia de Vries, Anthony Bruck, Alexander Neuer, and other Classical Adlerians.
Audio: Transforming Classical Adlerian Theory Into Practice, a three-day master seminar conducted by Henry Stein. (Eighteen hours)
E-mail: Comments and questions
Discussion: Six hours of telephone conferencing
Time: Six weeks
Cost: $1,080.00
Note: Prerequisite: Courses DT101, DT102A, DT102B, DT302A, DT302B, DT301, & DT103

Outline of Course Content

    • Creative Power in the Child and the Adult
    • Feeling of Inferiority, Insecurity, and Incompleteness
    • Striving for Completion, Overcoming, Perfection, and Superiority
    • Fictional Final Goal of Imagined Security and Success
    • Style of Life, Expressive Movement, Antithetical Scheme of Apperception, Private Logic, Feelings, and Emotions
    • Feeling of Community, Embeddedness, Contact, Cooperation, Contribution, and Social Evolution
    • Value of Mind Maps to Provide Overviews of Topics.
    • Utilization of Metaphors and Eidetic Images
    • Accelerated Learning Methods of Freenoting and Image-Streaming
    • Presentation, Analysis, and Discussion of Case Examples
    • Hidden Diagnostic Clues in Earliest Childhood Recollections.
    • Invention of Memories and Dreams to Integrate Clusters of Constructs.
    • Demonstration and Discussion of the Practical Use of Each Construct in the Psychotherapeutic Process.
    • Exploration of Construct Synonyms to Appreciate Range of Meanings.

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    Distance Training Course
    DT104: Mastering Core Constructs

    Tuition: $1,080.00

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