Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy

Course DT406:
Monthly Group Case Study

Objective: To expand case analysis insights by discussing cases presented by other CADP therapists. Each consultation usually focuses on one case in depth, utilizing a semi-structured presentation format (see below). Discussions invite vigorous diagnostic guessing, leading to a comprehensive life style analysis and a treatment plan.
Reading: Generally, no reading is required, although selected articles may be suggested in advance for a brief discussion before engaging in a case presentation.
E-mail: When possible, the therapist scheduled to present a case, may send a copy of the client's 12-page questionnaire to Dr. Stein.
Discussion: Monthly two-hour telephone teleconferences. Uusally scheduled September to June (10 meetings).
Time: Normally scheduled on Saturdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm Pacific Time. Participation is optional. Several CADP therapists have participated monthly since 1988.
Cost: $50/session. Participants may also pre-pay for the full series of 10 sessions.
Note: Prerequisite: Courses DT101, DT102A, DT102B, DT201, DT301, DT302A, DT302B, DT303, Dt304, DT305, DT401, DT402, DT403, DT404.
Students who wish to increase their exposure to case analysis discussions, but are unable to participate in the Saturday sessions, may elect to listen to recordings of current and past sessions. Credit for this time will be granted if the student pays for the session tuition and submits a brief summary/reaction paper for each session.

Process Outline

  • Case Presentation (Typical for Each case)
    • Basic Case Information
    • Health, Medical, Medication, Substance Abuse
    • Presenting Problem, Symptoms
    • Overview of Current Situation
    • Relevant History
    • Survey of Early Childhood, Family Constellation
    • Earliest Recollections and Dreams
  • Case Analysis (Typical for Each case)
    • Degree and Radius of Activity
    • Level of Feeling of Community
    • Analysis of Each Recollection
    • Inferiorty Feelings
    • Style of Life
    • Ficitonal Final Goal
    • Antithetical Scheme of Apperception
    • Private Logic
  • Treatment Recommendations (Typical for Each case)
    • What Needs to be Corrected
    • What Need to be Added
    • Where to Begin
    • How to Begin
    • Role Play Demonstration
    • Survey of Early Childhood, Family Constellation
    • Earliest Recollections and Dreams

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    Distance Training Course
    DT406: Monthly Group Case Study - Individual Sessions

    Tuition: $50.00/Session
    Distance Training Course
    DT406: Monthly Group Case Study - Prepayment for Series of Ten Sessions

    Tuition: $500.00

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