Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy

Course Dt703:
Comprehensive Study/Discussion of
Alexander Mueller's Writings

Objective: To gain a broader perspective on the variety of individual therapeutic styles by studying the contributions of another Classical Adlerian.
Reading: The Collected Works of Alexander Mueller: "Principles of Indidividual Psychology," "The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler," You Shall be a Blessing," and selected journal articles.
E-mail: Comments and questions.
Discussion: Six to eight hours of telephone conferencing.
Time: Approximately six to eight weeks.
Cost: $150.00/hour
Note: Prerequisite: Basic Certification

Outline of Course Content

  • ALFRED ADLER'S INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY, An Unpublished Manuscript by Alexander Mueller
    • Introduction: Historical Preamble, Supplementary Material
    • The Human Image of Individual Psychology. Adler's Perspective on the Theory of Perception, Instinct, and the Theory of the Unconscious.
    • The Dynamics of the Psyche
    • Basic Concepts of Individual Psychology
    • On Child Psychology: Developmental Disorders, Abnormal Development
    • Individual Psychology Perception of Neurosis. Contributions to Psychiatry
    • Individual Psychology - Reflections on the Psychosomatic
    • The Application of Individual Psychology as Therapy. The Vital Tasks
    • Further Aspects of Individual Psychology Prospects
  • PRINCIPLES OF INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY, An Unpublished Manuscript by Alexander Mueller
    • The Nature of Man: Anthropological & Philosophical Principles
    • The Paths to Man: Old vs. New Views of Man - New Expanded Vision
    • The Ways of Man: The Behavioral and Spiritual Elements - Self-Assertion and Relationship to the Outside World - The Functions of Consciousness for Survival - Overcoming Self-Centeredness - Transcending the Biological level
    • Human Behavior and Its Roots: Inferiority Feeling and Compensation - Dynamics of Inferiority Feeling - Equilibrium and Compensation - Neurotic Tendency
    • From the Striving for Life to Domination: Striving for Power - Striving for Significance
    • Anxiety - Lack of Courage - Fear of Life: Security Tendency - Discouragement and Retreat
    • Social Interest: Logic of Cooperation - Basic Forms of Living - Development by Encounter - Fairness and Reciprocation - The Group vs. The Community
    • The Sexual Region: Sexuality and Homosexuality - Sexual Development and Sexual Behavior - Sexuality and Self Esteem - Homosexuality
    • The Pedagogy of Individual Psychology: Education - The Tasks of Education - Independence - Capability of Establishing Contact - Sense of Responsibility - Pleasure in Work - Overcoming Self-Centeredness in Children
    • Family Therapy: General Considerations - The Four Major Tasks - Winning Over the Participants - Interpreting the Case - Encouragement - Furthering the Ability to Make Contact
    • Individual Psychology Questionnaire
  • MUELLER'S JOURNAL ARTICLES AND LECTURES, Unpublished Manuscripts by Alexander Mueller
    • Adlerian Theory and Practice
    • Psychopathology
    • Principles of Practice

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Distance Training Course
DT703: Comprehensive Study/Discussion of
Alexander Mueller's Writings
(4 Sessions)

Tuition: $600.00

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