Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Distance Training in
Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy

Course DT706:
Extended Case Supervision

Objective: To gain a more profound understanding of a great variety of cases. Discussions cover a full life style analysis, recommendations for a treatment plan, and therapeutic progress. Suggestions are offered to solve therapeutic problems.
Reading: Directed reading as required.
E-mail: Comments and questions.
Discussion: Weekly fifty-minute telephone consultations.
Time: As needed: usually a minimum of seventy-five hours; one hundred and fifty hours recommended.
Cost: $150.00/hour.
Note: Prerequisite: Basic Certification

Outline of Course Content

  • Exposure to a wide range of individual, couple, and family cases
  • Tracking of personal case progress
  • Preparation for conducting case analyis and supervision sessions

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Distance Training Course
DT706: Extended Case Supervision (4 Sessions)

Tuition: $600.00

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