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Alfred Adler - Lifeline and Chronology
Summarized by Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.

1868 * Birth of Sigmund Adler (older brother of Alfred)
1870 * Birth of Alfred Adler on February 7th
1871 * Birth of Hermine Adler (sister)
1873 * Birth of Rudolf Adler (brother)
1874 * Birth of Irma Adler (sister)
* Death of Rudolf Adler
1877 * Birth of Max Adler (brother)
1884 * Birth of Richard Adler (brother)
1888 * Adler begins study at the University of Vienna Medical School
1895 * Adler receives medical degree from the University of Vienna
1897 * Adler falls in love with Raissa Timofeivna Epstein
* Adler marries Raissa Timofeivna Epstein
1898 * Adler sets up private pratice in Vienna
* Valentine (daughter) is born
* Adler publishes two articles in Austria's "Medical News Bulletin"
* Adler publishes monograph, Health Book for the Tailor Trade
1901 * Adler's second child, Alexandra, is born
1902 * Adler publishes two more articles in "Medical News Bulletin"
* Sigmund Freud invites Adler to join the fledgling Wednesday Psychological Society
   (later renamed to Vienna Psychoanalytic Society)
1904 * Adler publishes his most important article to date, The Physician as Educator
* Adler converts from Judaism to Protestanism
* Birth of Kurt Adler (son)
1905 * Publication of A Study of Organ Inferiority
1909 * Birth of Cornelia (daughter)
1911 * Adler is expelled from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society under Freud's impetus
* Adler forms his own group, initially called the Society for Free Psychoanalytic Inquiry
1912 * Publication of The Neurotic Constitution
1913 * Adler renames his group the Society for Individual Psychology
1914 * Publication of Healing and Education, edited by Adler
1916 * Adler is drafted as a military physician for the Austro-Hungarian Empire during
   World War I
1918 * Adler is discharged from military service, begins emphasizing social feeling in his writings
1922 * Publication of The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology
* Adler begins setting up educational consulting teams in child guidance for
   Vienna's public schools
1924 * Adler becomes a professor at Vienna's Pedagogical Institute
1927 * Publication of Understanding Human Nature
* Adler's first lecture-tour of the United States
1928 * Publication of The Case of Miss R: The Interpretation of a Life Story
1929 * Adler becomes an adjunct professor at Columbia University, starts to shift base
   of operations from Vienna to New York City
* Publication of Individual Psychology in the Schools
* Publication of Problems of Neurosis: A Book of Case Histories
* Publication of The Science of Living
* Publication of Guiding the Child: On the Principles of Individual Psychology,
   edited by Adler
1930 * Adler resigns from Columbia University position
* Publication of The Education of Children
* Publication of The Pattern of Life
* Publication of The Problem Child: The Life Style of the Difficult Child
   as Analyzed in Specific Cases
1931 * Publication of What Life Should Mean to You
1932 * Adler becomes a professor at the Long Island College of Medicine,
   his first full-time academic position in the United States
1933 * Publication of Religion and Individual Psychology
* Publication of Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind
1934 * Austria is taken over by its fascists, and Adler's psycho-educational movement
   is suppressed
1935 * Austria is annexed by Hitler's Nazi Germany
* Raissa relocates to New York City and resumes living full-time with Adler
* Adler becomes mentor to the young Abraham Maslow
1937 * Death of Alfred Adler on May 28th, Aberdeen, Scotland

This information was taken from Edward Hoffman's

(Addison-Wesley, 1994). [Order directly from Amazon Books.]

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