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Featuring: Sophia J. de Vries, Ph.D. (Trained by Alfred Adler)
Interviewed by: Henry T. Stein, Ph.D., (Trained by de Vries)

This two-hour discussion between two knowledgeable, experienced, Adlerian clinicians offers the prospective student an illuminating overview of the Classical Adlerian approach to training in depth psychotherapy. Nearly two hundred topics are covered: the importance of studying Adler's original, clinical writings; reflecting his warm, gentle, diplomatic, creative style of treatment; a contrast to other variations of Adlerian theory and practice; and the integration of Abraham Maslow's vision of optimal human functioning. Sophia de Vries studied with Alfred Adler, Lydia Sicher, Alexander Mueller, Fritz Kunkel, Ida Loewy, Martha Holub, Rudolf Dreikurs, August Eichorn, Charlotte Buhler, Karl Buhler, Ludwig Klages, Karl Jung, Ernst Kretschmer, and Maria Montessori. One of her great contributions to Adlerian practice was her masterful adaptation of the Socratic method to psychotherapy. After she trained Henry Stein, they co-founded the Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco and co-presented at several national conventions. Her entire library of books, articles, unpubished manuscripts, and personal notes are secured in the archives of the Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washington. This video offers the student, professor, and clinician an abundance of rare insight into the profound legacy of Alfred Adler.

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