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Biographical Sketch of Blanche Weill (1884-1974)

Dr. Blanche C. Weill was born in San Francisco in 1884, spent her school years in Bakersfield California, then returned to earn her bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1911. She then traveled to Europe to study first with Maria Montessori, then with Alfred Adler. Upon her return to California, she started the first Montessori shool in Berkeley. Later on, she completed her master's degree in psychology at Columbia, and a doctorate in education at Harvard. During World War I, she went to New Mexico to teach illiterate, hospitalized children. Following the war, she devoted her career to helping discouraged children. For thirty years she engaged in clinical and private practice as a child psychologist in New York, Cambridge, and Boston.

She was the author of two books, The Behavior of Young Children of the Same Family, and Through Children's Eyes. During the last 10 years of her retirement in Oakland, California, and as a close friend of Sophia de Vries, she participated actively in the San Francisco Bay Area Adlerian Society. She died in Oakland in 1974.

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